Are there any special transportation services available in recovery sober living?

It was originally created to primarily help people traveling to and returning from residential treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction and mental health disorders. More than ten years ago, our founder, Rick Parrish, was still a client of a residential treatment program for his own addiction when he realized that many of his friends were struggling leaving the structure and support of the addiction treatment center. Several people he had approached while at the treatment center had not been able to stay sober during their first 72 hours of “freedom”. He thought to himself that “maybe if they had someone to accompany them and helped them to stay safe and connect to their local recovery community, maybe they would have been fine.

And so Sober Escorts was born. He specializes in ensuring that customers arrive safely and comfortably at their intended destination. Traveling to, from, or between treatment programs or rehabilitation centers can be an extremely stressful time. You will design and implement a smooth travel itinerary, providing practical support, assistance, understanding and encouragement throughout the client's journey to a new care provider.

Clients often need help traveling and transitioning between care providers. Qualified sober escorts can accompany clients on this trip. Often, there are pressing issues at home that need to be resolved before moving on to the next destination. This can be a dangerous and stressful time.

In these types of situations, our companion will perform all the services included in “Coming home from treatment”. About Escorts, Inc. has years of real world experience helping clients in their transition from treatment to everyday life. It operates around the world, with services available in most metropolitan centers, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris and many more.

Rocky Mountain's Sober Living men's homes offer a structured and supportive environment for people seeking to recover. Spero Sober Living provides customers with exclusive services and personalized comfort, while addressing the complex emotional issues of recovery, with regard to substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction and even co-occurring disorders. The SRC Sober Living Index comprises three directories that separate programs by Carr certification status, county, and gender. A driver who provides sober transportation services does more than just go back and forth from one point to another.

As a sober transportation provider in Virginia, Recovery Care Partner is proud to offer sober transportation services for patients who need transportation to get to and from treatment. The origins of sober transportation programs are difficult to pin down, but their popularity grew after an incident made national headlines in the United States. Once people make the courageous decision to participate in an addiction treatment program or a sober living program, the transition to recovery can be intimidating for some people. There are several scenarios in which people who are in the early days of recovery will need sober transportation services to travel safely and remain committed to living a drug-free life.

Sober transportation services offer a clear break for the person suffering from a substance use disorder or mental health problem. If she had been accompanied by a sober support partner, there is a strong possibility that she would be alive today. Fortunately, many sober living centers offer a way to get to and from work or important activities. .

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