Are there any special programs offered in recovery sober living?

Residents of sober homes in Minneapolis are encouraged to work together as a sober Minnesota recovery community and to support each other on their journey. Many people are ready to make the transition to sober living after completing residential and detoxification treatment. All of The Retreat's sober residences and accommodations in St Paul, Minnesota are close to nature trails, restaurants and other great activities so you can strengthen your mind, body and soul. To get the most out of a sober living home environment, it is recommended that the patient complete some type of clinical treatment for addiction before admission.

As guests leave Minnesota's residential sober housing program, they will have an established support network, which is crucial to the success of the long-term recovery. Residents of Sober House MN must attend a minimum of 4 AA meetings per week and work closely with an AA sponsor attached to Minnesota's sober housing centers. That's why we've created partnerships to give students from other local campuses, who don't have college dorms to live sober, the opportunity to stay in the sober homes of the Oren Gateway Center while they attend their respective schools. The transition to sober college housing helps students live a life of recovery while thriving in a community of responsibility and support.

These levels range from peer-managed facilities, such as Oxford Housing (Level I), to homes for sober people under supervision (Level II), supervised housing (Level III) and residential treatment housing (Level IV). The Strommen Center offers nearly limitless opportunities for you to gain concrete work and community service experience, and has developed partnerships with community organizations and employers that provide learning opportunities to students, many of whom meet the Augsburg experience requirement to graduate. Outpatient rehabilitation programs allow you to recover while living in the comfort of your home, with fewer weekly treatment programs than intensive outpatient treatment programs.

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