Are there any special pet therapy services available in recovery sober living?

The road to recovery is long and can be lonely for many people. The Healthy Life Recovery addiction rehabilitation center welcomes emotional support dogs at our facility located in San Diego, California. These specially trained dogs provide therapeutic benefits in these clinical and assisted living environments. We found that therapy programs for dogs help achieve good progress for those receiving treatment for addictions and mental health.

Going to rehab is a difficult decision, but for people with physical or mental disabilities who rely on a service dog or emotional support dog to carry out their daily lives, the possibility of going to rehab for 30 days or more may seem impossible. Therefore, American Addiction Centers welcomes service or emotional support dogs on a case-by-case basis. Service dogs provide companionship that can increase their owners' self-esteem and motivation for self-improvement. 3 Going to rehab can be a very stressful time for those with mental health disorders, so the U.S.

Addiction Centers consider allowing emotional support dogs to accompany their owners during treatment. The findings of another study suggest that, when used as part of cognitive behavioral therapy, a preferred therapy in many treatment programs, dogs can make subjects who evoke emotions less distressing and may even help achieve positive results during the process.13 Together with a therapist, the warrior can participate in an assisted therapy session with his companion service dog. This, in turn, generates powerful results for the service dog and constitutes an ally in the battle against the PTS. During the long-term recovery process at home, a Service or ESA dog can provide a great deal of encouragement.

While it's important to find a rehabilitation center that is pet friendly, you should also find a center that offers the types of services that will best help you in your recovery. Your animal friend deserves the best life you can offer them, and the first step in providing them with a safe and stable home is to research pet-friendly facilities near you. But no matter what stage of your recovery you're in, Eudaimonia Sober Living Homes can support you every step of the way. We have sober living facilities in Austin, Houston and Colorado Springs ready to help you lead a sober lifestyle.

However, the Fair Housing Act requires landlords to allow ESAs, even if there is a “no pets” policy with no additional pet charges. People in recovery who want to try pet therapy may want to think about the type of pet that is best for them. If a warrior has connected with a service dog after finishing their treatment for addiction and PTSD, they have the option of taking their battle partner home at the end of treatment. Pet therapy and choosing the therapy dog that best suits your needs have many benefits during the recovery process.

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