Are there any special dietary requirements in recovery sober living?

A person who has an active addiction to drugs or alcohol is very likely to neglect their diet. Alcoholics will feel full with the liquor they consume, it doesn't motivate them to eat and, as a result, they end up severely malnourished. Addicts may choose drugs over food for economic reasons, or the drug itself, such as methamphetamine, may lead to little or no food being consumed for extended periods of time. Often, alcoholics and addicts suffer from gastrointestinal disorders and suffer from diarrhea, constipation, and digestive disorders that do not allow nutrients to be properly absorbed.

After you're sober, one thing that helps the overall recovery process is healthy foods. While an addiction can cause serious liver damage, many times, much of this damage can be reversed if you stay sober and eat foods that can repair this damage. Proper nutrition can help the body and brain recover from chronic substance abuse and increase the patient's chances of staying sober. Here are my top five recommendations to facilitate recovery no matter where you are in your sobriety journey.

They are experts at evaluating addiction, as well as the special dietary requirements that lead to a healthy and happy recovery. Some centers also have chefs and nutrition specialists on-site, while others even include nutrition education in their recovery programs. There are many addiction recovery treatment programs available that allow many foods that patients like to be included in special diet plans. Eating healthy food in a sober environment provides many benefits, both for residents and for the sober household operator.

Riviera Recovery is a health and wellness community that helps 26 percent of women recover from substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders. Now I help clients across the spectrum of alcohol use, from people who are curious about sobriety to those who have been sober for decades, with nutritional advice to strengthen their recovery. Staying sober and adding fermented foods to the diet is a big step in rebalancing the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the gut. Caffeine can increase the sugar level and, therefore, for those who are in an early recovery phase, caffeine can be attractive, since they take a kind of hit but are sober.

Many people don't realize how intimately addiction makes its way into their lives until they start living life and doing things sober.

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