Are there any scholarships or grants available for recovery sober living?

Herren Project Recovery Housing Scholarships Recovery grant packages are available to men and women in treatment across the country and provide financial and emotional support to those working to continue healing their lives after treatment. For the past four years, Malden Overcoming Addiction has sponsored a scholarship program to support people in recovery. The scholarship supports people who need a sober life, which can be extremely expensive in many cases. People who need a placement often don't have enough funds to pay the costs at the time of entry.

The scholarship program is a lifesaver. Now, with the help of the Power Forward Sober Living grant, Ed is picking up the pieces and rewriting his story. This program fills a critical gap in the recovery process, providing beneficiaries with safe and sober housing for the essential days and weeks immediately after treatment, or a lifesaver for people in recovery whose housing instability jeopardizes their sobriety. This scholarship will provide funding for your home so that you can focus more on your recovery and less on the financial burden that recovery can cause.

Grants are typically used as one-time temporary funding for capital projects that increase or improve the number of affordable, sober housing in Massachusetts.

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